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We get what it takes to make it. Our technology is made so you can stop wasting time on admin, start looking after your employees, and open up new possibilities in work life.

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We analyze your business by identifying the business needs and determining solutions to your business problems, providing a key factor for strategic planning & development.

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We innovate our ideas by creating and executing new processes that are directly linked to positive changes in efficiency, productivity & quality in your business.

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We offer our deliverables with an assurance of high quality that matches global standards & is primarily aimed at complete customer satisfaction, growth & loyalty.

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Process your payroll at no cost using our fully automated payroll solution. Our solution seamlessly integrates with our work expenses feature to ensure approved expenses are automatically added to the employee’s pay slip at the end of the month.

Approval Workflows

With fully customizable approval workflows, requests can be viewed and approved by any number of line managers and admins.

Shift Scheduler

Shift Scheduler informs your employees when shifts have been assigned to them through the TIMECHECK app. By integrating with Attendance, employees can check-in and check-out for their shifts through the TIMECHECK app so you don’t have to purchase any extra hardware.

Time Off

Our Time Off module allows employees to request hourly or full day leave, view balances and check status requests all through theTIMECHECK app. This makes it easier to manage your team so you are not understaffed.


Our geo-fencing technology allows you to set custom workplace locations so that employees can simply check-in and check-out through the TIMECHECK app. What’s more, our dashboard allows you to keep a pulse on attendance across all locations through a real-time dashboard.